So, you've got an idea for a film, and you want to manifest it. Well done, you've climbed the first step -- the idea. Now you need to manifest that into a screenplay, whether that's a 10 minute short or a full feature. At Screenwriting Sage you will learn all the basics of writing a screenplay. From story to character to structure.

Online Course

Our course is online based which you will have a limited time to complete. The course is meant to stimulate your mind to get you started on your journey of script writing. It is completely email based.

What will you gain?

With the course you will cover:

  • Development of a storyline including the Three Act Structure
  • Characters and their arcs
  • The role of dialogue
  • Improvement on your current screenplay
  • ...and more.


We have industry experts for screenplay coverage.

  • Short Script review
  • Feature Film Screenplay evaluation
  • TV Pilot evaluation
  • Proofreading


Every year we run a screenplay competition. Please keep an eye out for the next one.

Photo by Mike Palmowski on Unsplash
Photo by Mike Palmowski on Unsplash